Taking Orders Everywhere

Do you find it overwhelming or challenging to stay on top of your orders for your business? I'll give you an example, a customer gives you a call over the phone and spends 20 minutes to place an order. Maybe 10 other persons hit you up through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or any number or social media platforms that are out there and you find yourself having to spend 2-3 hours a day checking and managing these different platforms to ensure that you are processing all of the orders that are coming in from these different platforms. You are not alone!! A number of entrepreneurs and start-up businesses find themselves face the same problem. The problem of being everywhere and allowing customers to place orders anywhere that they are present.

Rethinking E-Commerce

The answer to this problem is actually pretty easy and that is to establish an eCommerce platform for the purpose of processing and applying structure to the way you collect and manage the orders for your products or services. Some people will do this with a more offline manual method by using a book where they will write down the orders from the different platforms. However, something like this is not really flexible or scalable and you risk losing all of your information if that hard copy or book is ever damage. And so, I recommend taking a look at or talking with your webmaster about how you can expand your eCommerce platform to not necessarily focus more on transactions. But, to retro-fit your platform to the point, it can be your operating system in your business and give your customers a home base for placing their orders. How do you go about integrating such a solution or launching this?

Be Intentional

The very first thing that you must do is be more intentional about how you will allow customers to order. So, if you are going to implement solutions where customers have to use your eCommerce platform to process orders, then you must communicate that across all of your platforms, whether that is on social media, WhatsApp, whether even on your websites that you let your customer know this is how your orders are accepted. The goal is to be clear when you provide information when a customer indicates that they are interested in placing an order for a product or a service. You want to be VERY clear when you direct them to the starting point on how those orders are to be collected, that It is not done via these various platforms. It's done at the starting point. A.K.A Your Ecommerce Checkout process. Being intentional about the purpose of those platforms requires you to be disciplined with your customers on when, and where you will accept orders. 


Start today

In this article, my goal is not to go into all the benefits of implementing an eCommerce platform but, I will say that when you focus on a single tool as your starting point, you step into a level of mastery that will help you become more efficient in that tool and your overall result. Being intentional has innumerable benefits and in this article, I have only tipped the iceberg. I hope that this encourages you to start asking these questions and steer you in this direction.

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Keino M. Clarke

Keino M. Clarke

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Keino started out designing small individual websites back in 2007. Today he leads an international web & mobile design Agency providing small and start-up businesses with amazing websites and mobile apps to Expand and grow their companies.