The New Mobile Spike

How many of the services in your business can you deliver through a mobile app? This is an interesting question that entrepreneurs should be asking themselves to continually improve this business for the future.

When you think of the spike in the increase of mobile markets during the 2020 lockdown, a business owner has to ask how can we maintain our competitive edge? How can we improve our efficiency and how can we serve our customers with new consumer expectations or and new digital demands? I have found in recent months in talking with a variety of businesses and persons interested in getting mobile apps, they are not asking the question of what we can do with an app? How can we connect with our customers? What aspects of our services can we translate through a mobile experience?

The unlikely Business Model

For example, I have had a nail technician reach out to me and she was interested in using mobile but was not completely sure how. I said to her, ” your service is delivered in person. However, there are things that persons do, there are ways that customers interact with you that are important, but you don’t necessarily need to be the one doing it. look at how your customers are setting up an appointment. this is something that a person can do through mobile experience.”

“When you look at the time a person spends talking with you, brainstorming the type of design they like on their nails, you can have a digital catalog showing your work and the possibility of the various designs that you able to offer. Allow persons to ask questions or manage their bookings and
pay for service. All of this can be done through a mobile experience” 

Another type of business would be a landscape in business that is in high demand right now. However, when this translates into a mobile app in the landscaping business can have an appointment booking solution that can allow for a seamless customer experience. Using a mobile portal customers can leave reviews and feedback and so much more. You have additional services that can be delivered such as selling products or selling other related services to your client base.

Can Your business use an App?

The purpose of this article is to communicate with a wide variety of businesses that have never thought of using an app before. Not just the traditional business or the large businesses but even some small & some start-ups. With the technology available almost any business owner is able to utilize mobile apps for their benefit and for the success of their business.