Customers Want Real Value

Customers can tell if you’re serious about your website. Let me put it another way. In order to reap the rewards, you have to plant the seed. If you take time and invest in building out a website that is an asset to your business, your Bottom line will reflect the difference.

Here is what I’m getting at, Customers want to use a Website that’s useful. Ask yourself if your website is offering anything of value? Does it solve any problems? Does it make life easier for your customers?

Customers care about cosmetics

Additionally how your site looks matters in the mind of your customers. It may not be the most important thing to focus on but it is something to take into the consideration. Cosmetics, in this case, refers to how your site looks.  The visual appearance of the site will send a certain message back and either give the visitor confidence or discouraged them from spending any more time on your website.

To customers feel & function matters

In an earlier paragraph, I said that the look of the website should not be your main focus. And the truth is your primary focus should be on the delivery of your key value proposition. What is the mean reason that people will visit your website? If you’re building an online store, then the main reason would be to purchase what you are selling. In this case, you’re primary focus should be ensuring that the website functions for its purpose. Which is the selling of products for Services

You might be saying that your Website this not a sophisticated as an online e-commerce operation. Even if you have a simple information base catalog website it still has a certain function that it has to deliver. To the catalog type of website content is the Key value proposition. In this case, what you say on the site, how you say it should be where you spend the bulk of your investment.

at the end of the day of website success or failure is ultimately about the experience a visitor has. the challenge you have as an entrepreneur is to integrate web Technology into your business in such a way that the customer experience meets the standards of you’re organization. Customers will take your website seriously when they’re experience is one that exceeds expectations and solves their problems.