Why integrate social media at all?

before we can get into the discussion linking your social media accounts with a website I think we should be clear as to why it is important to do this in the first place. Do you remember a service called MSN Messenger? What about Myspace? Leave at one point word pop platforms in the industry. I’m talking about everyone who is anyone was using these at one point or another. Today they are virtually non-existent. whether we want to accept it or not that in the world of technology no matter how massive the platform these things tend to come and go. It may seem ludicrous but there is no guarantee that Facebook will be as popular as it is today 10 of 15 years from now.


It is important to integrate your social accounts with your website because you actually have control over your site. I mean to say that you are the one who decides very website will be in the future, you are the one who can add or remove features from your site depending on your objectives. When you direct the traffic from your social accounts over to your website, you bring those users on to a site where you have the power.  The relationship that you build with them on your own site is 10 times more valuable then that of a social media connection. When someone signs up for a mailing list, create an account or even comment on an article. it shows that they are interested in your offering and more likely to convert.


Okay so what.

now that we know why it’s important let’s take a look at some simple things that can get you started. The first is social  Website linking. This is the term when referring to the bility to light, or follow a social media account from a website. When a person logs into the social media count be it Linkedin,  Facebook or Twitter their web browser usually keeps them Longden. This means even though they’re actually visiting your website they’re still logged into those social media accounts. There are features that you cannot which will allow them to follow or like your social media Pages directly from your website.

I kind of like this solution because it keeps persons on your site and still build social relationships with them. If you’re selling a product or focusing on converting a web visitor you’re probably not going to send them off your website until after they have completed that  Conversion. This is why it’s important to allow them to if interested in your service also be able to build that social connection  directly from your website.


Ok anything else?

if you like that idea you’re going to really love this one. Not only can you allow someone to follow your social page from your website. but you can actually add post and other information from your social media comes directly into your webpage period this process is called embedding  and it’s really popular  among the larger social platforms.  By embedding Social widgets you’re able to offer pretty dynamic Services. a great example of this is embedding a photo album from your Facebook page on to your website. this way when new photos are added to Facebook they will automatically be visible on to website. Even more the visitor from Facebook who is long then on to your site will be able to like and comment on the photos directly onto your website page and Facebook simultaneously.


Some Advanced tips

I think so far we’ve covered some pretty useful and  easy to implement Solutions for integrating social with your website. The real power behind social integration in my opinion is offering a user the ability to sign in to your website using their social accounts. If you are running the type of website where visitors will 10 to log in last frequently and may not remember that password. offering me social login feature would be very  useful for your visitors. A great example of the type of websites that can benefit from this e-commerce sites, blogging and online communities.


As these platforms continue to Advance themselves I encourage you to embrace and to integrate these into your day-to-day operations. Customer expectations change for more frequently as your competitors  I’m probably using these  some of these tips already. If you  find yourself in a situation where your industry has not started to embrace social integration with that website. Encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to be a leader  when it comes to using these Solutions. If you have any questions I would like to talk more please comment in the section below