A website is a very dynamic and extremely powerful tool for a business. However, I find that a lot of my customers and others who come to me for advice are facing a similar problem. They are finding that their website is not as effective as they hoped it would be. Many find themselves in a position where they are doubtful and wondering if it is was a smart investment. They are wondering if a website is something to continue to invest time and energy into or should they scrap it and move on to some other tool that will essentially be more effective for them. My response to them is that they should stay true to the core purpose of their website and what I find is that many have been distracted by new tools, tactics, techniques and have changed their website from what it was originally planned to be. They have changed the strategy or the core purpose of their site and have invested in tools, techniques or other enhancements that do not enhance that actual effectiveness of the site. If you find that you are in the position where your wondering of what can you do to ensure that you are still generating a Return on your investment from your website my advice would be:

  1. Ensure that you are regularly reviewing your original plans for the site. This implies that you should have documentation that you referred to that guide you as to what you are doing. what your original purpose of the site was.
  2. Ensure that you are getting outside feedback on what your site is doing. Ensure that you have someone that is holding you accountable and you are moving in line with the original mission of your website.
  3. Ensure that the site is collecting data. Whenever you’re wondering how your website is doing, wondering how effective it is. You always want to have data that you can look at to ensure that you are not just operating the motion operating of the feeling but you have hard data that can back-up. That you can use base on your decisions.

So these are my three points that I would advise any of my customers when they’re questioning the effectiveness and purpose of the website for their business.