Example Ministry App

With Tools4Business.net, you can integrate any of your WordPress website content right into an app for your church. This can include sermons, maps, media, events and much more!

Use your Safari or Chrome browser to test out the example of an app built for a church.

App Main Features

1Push Notifications
Push notifications allows your app users to receive notifications they way they receive a private message or public mention, just like Facebook. Send notifications Directly to your users for special promotions, events and much more! Push Notifications are included at no extra cost.
2Facebook Login
Let app users login and register through Facebook.
3Social Sharing
Click an icon to share content with social networks or email.
Use the native device camera and photo library to upload photos.
5Offline Content
Create 100% offline pages, allow media download for offline, and more.
6Protected Content
Require login to show certain pages, and integrate with your membership plugin.
Find out how people are using your app by integrating Google Analytics.
8Maps and Check-ins
Allow users to check-in and display their location on a map. Save their geolocation data to WordPress.