About us

A Company Known for is level of professionalism and quality customer service

Tools4Busniess.net Started In November of 2016. Our company saw the need for small and start-up businesses to adopt and successfully implement effective digital programs. It is always been our aim to help the growing business sector. We are a virtual first business. This means that when able any customer anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. We believe and utilizing technology to break down borders and build relationships. And it is with this belief that we work along with customers and clients from around the globe to assist them to better utilize our solutions to achieve their objectives.

Tools4usiness.net was birthed inside the million Clarke International. A digital marketing consultancy headed by Keino Clarke. It's early days the company has seen tremendous growth and seeks to continue serving our valued customers

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be virtual first?
As a virtual first company we utilize processes and Technologies that are mainly digital. Our meetings, payments on Communications are done through the internet and structured in such a way to provide our customers with convenience and accountability.
Who are your clients?
The nature of a service is Broad and as a result, we do not have a set industry or sector that we focus on. However many of our clients are smaller or startup businesses that are looking to utilize Technologies to become more efficient and to connect with their customers or Target Market.
I do not have technical expertise, can I still use your services?
Yes! Our team trained experts are always available to a sister and managing and maintaining your project. Rather it is a website or a mobile application we are available to assist not only in the start-up phase but also in the ongoing monitoring and maintaining of your platform. Think of us not as servers that you are buying, but rather as a partner to help you achieve your objectives.