The Bad side of accepting online payments

When it comes to processing your transactions or orders. I remember there were a few times in the past where I had issues with some eCommerce payments. The first was with a client who had an athletic supply store. The customer purchasing from them well over 10 thousand dollars worth of items in her shopping cart and her preferred payment gateway was PayPal. However, PayPal at that time had a per transaction limit of 10 thousand dollars. As a result, the transaction status showed as approved to the customer, it communicated back to the E-Commerce platform as the payments were approved. However, PayPal had a particular payment status for this whereas the transaction was labeled as “under review”. The website sent information back to the customer saying the order was “confirmed”. you see the problem there? The warehouse received, confirmation that the order was confirmed and began processing the shipment. But once I reviewed the PayPal payment logs, I found that the transactions actually not complete as was able to stop the items from shipping. For this client, I had to verify the transaction with PayPal. In my investigation, I found that the individual attempting to purchase those items was using a stolen credit card and the transaction was blocked by PayPal.

Going From Bad to Worst

The second time that I had an issue with an  E-Commerce payment was actually not with an automatic payment solution. I had an Ecommerce Store that allowed manual payments for customers to send funds via bank transfers. There was one particular customer who had initiated a transfer, it was an international transfer located in the US. However, he missed a single digit. The funds deducted from his account and showed as the transaction was being sent to me. I quickly scanned the order, the confirmation he sent from the bank and had begun processing the shipment, however, I realized by the end of the second day that the funds were not on my account and began to query with my bank as to know what happened. Imagine my surprise to find only after a second look at his bank transfer details that he was missing a single digit on the information and it delayed the payment. They had to resend the transfer and ended up getting his items. 


The key is in the details

I think a lot of E-Commerce store owners and E-Commerce store managers want to ensure that their staff and themselves are keeping an eye on the tiny details that can be easily overlooked when it comes to processing orders. They want to make sure that, as much as possible, every transaction is vetted properly and all of them I’d are dotted and T’s are crossed. as you could find yourself in a position where you have shipped products and the payments are not in your account or not is there a way for your account to not properly verifying information.

I am sharing the story with you because as an E-Commerce store owner, you may find yourself in a similar position where payments can on the surface appear to be approved or completed depending on the payment gateway that you are using. You may even begin to package and ship or deliver an item to a customer only to find later on your payment is not actually in your account. Also, I want to encourage you to do diligence for orders.  I know it may be impossible depending on the volume of orders that you have but try to implement a process of  verifying  your transactions and you’re ensuring that your proof payment actually approved and they are not ghost payments.