Let's Get Started Planning Your New Digital Project

Whether you are planning a website, I’m mobile ala or any type of digital project this project planning worksheet from tools4business.net is perfect for you. Will you put together two but you can use to help you with every aspect of framing your idea and hoping you visualize the essential parts for your project.

This project planner will help both new and existing projects to clarify  their purpose and gives structure to the idea It’s out. New or old, This project plan will help you to not only refine your ideas but it will give you a document that you can use when  you’re ready to take your project to the next level.

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Define Your Project

List 3 Words that describe your Energy or Feel of your Project

What is your Project very specific purpose?

What makes your Project Unique Or stand out?

Outline Your Project

Describe the kind of content[Text, images & other media] that will be within your Project.

Whats your Schedule looking like?

What is the first 3 things you will do after you launch your project?

Set Goals for your project

What’re your 1 year Project goals?

What’re your 3 month Project goals? (that work towards your 1 year goal)

What small steps do you need to take to achieve your 3-month goals?

Expand on your steps needed to accomplish your 3 month Goal


List 3 competitors similar to your Project

List 3 things each of these competitors could do better

List 3 things each of these competitors do really well.

What’s your channels advantage over these competitors?

Marketing & Promotions

List the main ways people are going to find You Project

How will you measure your success?

Finishing up